One More Push

It’s the last rep of your workout.  Your muscles are screaming for mercy, your heart is desperately attempting to leap from your chest and you can’t see straight anymore.  Every survival instinct within you is begging you to stop, put down the weights and walk away.

Despite everything though, you endure, and push, one more time.  Slowly, the weights start to move and, through a series of grunts and groans that would make Grok feel incompetent, you lift the weights.

You drop the weights, and even though you feel as if you are about to collapse, you know you have accomplished something- a new personal best.

Even if you are not a gym junkie or a cardio bunny (although they need a realignment of priorities- but that’s another argument), you always need to give one more push.  That’s how trailblazers are made, how lands are discovered, how records are broken- by giving one more push.

Here’s where I challenge you then; when things start to get too hard, it’s in our nature to walk away and accept the path of least resistance.  Next time, take a moment, remember to breath and give it one more push

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