What would Jono do?

Earlier this week I read this:


And that prompted me to start thinking about the rules I tend to dictate my life by.  Now, these are my rules so if you don’t like them, agree with them or think I’m more wacked out more than Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that’s fine- come up with your own rules.

So, without further boring preamble, here we go:

1) Always sleep at least 5 hours a night- over time I’ve realised that anything less than 5 hours turns me into a Ring Wraith, seeking out a bed wherever I can.

2) Do everything in moderation- I’ve tried going balls to the wall a few times in my life (such as my much maligned Crossfit phase); it never turns out well and you always regret it.

3) Don’t make promises you can’t keep- People aren’t judged by their intentions, otherwise everyone would be perfect.  Instead, we are judged by the things we do- let the deepness of that sink in for a second.

4) If you owe someone money, pay them back as soon as possible- Friendships, relationships and even families can break up over money; don’t end up on an episode of Judge Judy.

5) Eat real food- processed, hydrogenated, chemically enhanced food isn’t helping you; if you can’t recognise the ingredients on the packet, don’t buy it.

6) Ignore the fat and sugar content on foods and stop counting calories.

7) Cook, most nights, and cook healthy- Cooking is easy but so many people screw it up because they are unprepared.  It’s like Momma Precel used to say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

8) If you are a guy, learn how to cook- The days of finding a woman to cook, clean and wash you are over.  Nobody likes a man that can’t fend for himself these days.  Find 3-4 decent recipes at least.

9) If you are a woman, find a guy who isn’t useless- A momma’s boy, no matter how pretty or rich, will only leave you unsatisfied.  You only get one chance at this life, spend it with someone whose your equal.

10) Realise the world doesn’t owe you anything- Too many people grow up thinking they are like King Joffrey.  You aren’t entitled to anything you haven’t worked for.

11) Stop leaning on your parents- For the first 18 years of your life, your parents raised you, fed you, clothed you, and educated you, stop asking them for money, food, or assistance when they are in their twilight years- unless they are ethnic (Jewish like mine), then you don’t get a say.

12) Believe in karmic justice- Goods things happen to good people, so be a good person and you may get reincarnated as someone as cool as this guy:

13) Always say ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ when you see someone you know.

14) If a stranger is walking towards you and you make eye contact, say ‘Hi’- This is just polite, and we like polite people.

15) Deadlift- Sumo, conventional, off a deficit, with chains, bands, romanian, dumbbell or barbell it doesn’t matter; just deadlift.

16) Learn how to use advanced grammar like semi-colons- You aren’t in school anymore; the real world likes literate people.

17) Exercise 3-4 times a week, for 45 minutes- Exercise habits filter through to other aspects of your life.  A healthier you, then makes a happier you.

18) Learn to say ‘No’- To work, family, your loved ones, friends, the online community that is trying to get you to stay up until 4am playing Diablo 3 on a weeknight; realise how empowering the word is and start using it.

19) Don’t use your phone at the supermarket checkout- Would you use your phone when talking to a friend (I hope the answers no), so why would you use it when someone is staring straight at you?

20) Practice compassion daily- This is a hard one, just remember that inconsiderate prick that cut you off in traffic may be rushing to the side of his dying father.  Not saying it’s likely but you never know.

21) Eat organic, grass fed and free range meat and poultry- This one I’m trying to get better at.  If you still don’t think it’s necessary, just watch Food Inc.

22) Take your supplements- Too many people get caught up thinking their diet is enough, it’s not, get over yourself and start investing.

23) Drink water, lots of it- Going to the bathroom 3-4 times a day is worth avoiding headaches, constipation, nausea, irritability and cramps.

24) Be honest with people- Too many people have false faces; if you love someone let them know, similarly, if you hate someone, stop pretending your besties.

25) Do at least 1 number 2 a day- As crude as this may sound, studies have shown that failing to have at least one movement a day results in a back up of toxins in the body.

26) Become an expert in one thing- I’m the person friends turn to when they want help with exercise or nutrition.  I’m not an expert but I know a lot and continually seek out information.  Why do your friends turn to you?

27) If you’ve done something wrong, admit your mistake.

28) Don’t apologise for things you haven’t done, just to make problems go away- A little bit of you dies when you do this.

29) Life is tough sometimes, but these times always pass- Life isn’t meant to be easy, we are hardwired for struggle and adversity; the sooner we come to terms with this the sooner we can start living.

30) Don’t have enemies, it isn’t worth the stress- If people insist though, give them something to hate.

31) Never grow up- As I write this I’m watching the Avengers cartoon on a Saturday morning.  Too many people focus on growing up quickly, they forget how to have fun.

32) Never get too fat.

33) Never get too out of shape.

34) Put into your relationships what you want to get out of them- If you take your spouse, girl or boyfriend or friends for granted don’t wonder why they left. Put in as much effort as you would like them to.

35) Be proactive with you health- It’s better to prevent illness than spend hundred or thousands on miracle cures once you already feel like death.

36) Buy a cat or dog- Studies have shown pets make people happier.

37) Go for walks.

38) Scrutinise the media- Every major media source has a bias, and can often be uninformed.  If you are really interested in something, take the information with a grain of salt and do your own research.

39) Don’t live vicariously through other people- There is nothing wrong with being jubilant your team, wife, child, friend won, but I know too many people consumed with the achievements of others; how can you expect to achieve anything yourself?

40) Pursue your passion- Bee keeping may not be a wealthy vocation but if you love it, find someone to pursue it.  A life lived without passion is a life lived without realisation of ones self.

41) Always thank your waiters- They are people too; you’d thank your mom for bringing you cutlery or a meal wouldn’t you?

42) Say Bless you when someone sneezes- Or whatever other saying; once again, this is just polite.

43) Read regularly- Fiction, Non Fiction, the newspaper, comics whatever.  Just read lots.

44) Do one thing daily that would make your momma/girlfriend/dad/boyfriend proud.

45) Never eat a steak cooked any more than medium rare- Anything else is just killing the flavour, plus it raises the risk of carcingenics.

46) Never say no to a food you haven’t tried- Except durian, never eat durian.

47) Never stop learning- The world is constantly changing, learning means you’ll change with it.

48) Ignore hipster motivational posters- They won’t get you off the couch, into the gym or make you a better person.  They’ll just make you feel bad.

49) Word hard, not long- When you are at work, work… stop searching internet shopping sites then complaining that you never get home before 8pm because their is too much to do.

50) Make informed food decisions- If you are going to eat a third helping of dessert that’s fine, but take the time to realise what it’s doing to your body and will power (something people often neglect to think about).

51) If you are going to eat pizza, eat a large one, with everything… and finish the entire thing.

52) Speak with conviction- Even if you don’t know what you are talking about, nobody will listen to pay attention if they think a change of wind could change your mind.

53) Eat vegetables, daily, and lots of different kinds- With the advent of snap lock frozen vegetables there’s no excuse not to.

54) Learn how to manage your own money- I’m Jewish, I was born with this ability.

55) Don’t seek approval or validation from other people- People who spend their whole lives trying to please other people or do acts for the sake of acceptance end up without any substance.

56) Never watch more than 2 hours of television on a weeknight, and only when there is nothing else that needs to be done.

57) Perform mobility work before every workout- Other people may laugh but when your 80 and still able to get our of bed by yourself, you’ll be the one that finds it funny.

58) Cut toxic friends and acquaintances from your life- Life is too short and precious for people who are trying to hold you back of inflicting their bad habits onto you.  It may be hard, but worthwhile.

59) Keep your problems, your problems- Everyone has their own stuff to deal with, venting, whilst it may make you feel better, simply transfers your problems on to someone else.

60) Deal with problems when they first come up; they will only get bigger the longer you leave them.

61) Never judge people- This goes with point 20.  Unless you know all the details about someone, you have no business judging them.

62) Go against the crowd if you know they are doing something wrong- Even if it means alienating yourself, if you know something is wrong, stand up to peer pressure.

63) Don’t get jealous- Green eye’s aren’t a good look on anyone.  Getting jealous won’t solve or accomplish anything; simply word harder to get what you want.

64) Put in the extra hours- Nobody gets the body they want, the life they think they deserve or the dream job without putting in the hours when everybody else is sleeping.

And lastly,

65) Never get angry- Anger doesn’t solve anything, it just creates more problems that you’ll have to deal with later.  Think about it, how many times have you said something stupid, when angry, only to regret it later?  Remember that next time.

There you go.  Like I said, if there are some rules you don’t like, that’s fine; these are my rules after all.  What I’d like to see though are your rules.  Post a comment and let me know one of the rules you live your life by.

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5 Responses to What would Jono do?

  1. Dani says:

    Hey Jono, that’s quite a list….! You might want to take another look at #49 grammar wise 😉

  2. Em Wood says:

    Hint Jono. *There.
    Also #57 – *You’re
    I really liked this post. I don’t think I will be looking for a ‘good man’, but I agree with most of the others.

  3. jonoprecel says:

    Damn it, that’s the second time I’ve confused their and there; it’s almost as if I’m regressing. Thank’s Em, I actually found it a worthwhile exercise- you should try making your own list.

  4. Em Wood says:

    I have made a similar kind of thing on my blog called “My Ten Commandments”. Not as extensive, but focused on the way I think life should be lived. 🙂

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