Tomorrow will never come

Fitness and health is my passion in life.

Maybe this makes me more astute to the little nuances in conversations.  Those parts of speech that other’s may nod knowingly to or smile susceptibly at, I shake my head.  I’ve heard it all before.  Dare say, most trainers have heard it thousands of times before.

Friend A and B are spritely talking to me.  They’ve got it all figured out.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow I start my diet.  No sugar, no carbs.  I’m going to be good after this,” Friend A says as their dessert arrives.

Friend B looks at Friend A and starts with the knowing nod, “I’ve tried so many times, but tomorrow I start as well.  For me, I’m going to cut back on fast food, alcohol and no dessert.  By summer I’m going fit back into my bikini/swim trunks.”

Friend B’s double chocolate brownie with whipped cream then arrives in front of them and they start tucking in like a starved teenager after the 40 hour famine.

(My dessert arrives after that- I’m only human after all)

The word ‘tomorrow’ causes a severe, and almost sardonic, response from myself.  Why?  After all, I’m devouring my chocolate profiteroles doused with sticky, dark black chocolate and adorned with milky white tufts of vanilla ice cream.

Because ‘tomorrow’ never comes.

Friend A and B walk away from our conversation with their heads held high.  And that’s where things start to go wrong.

There are two common scenarios for the ‘tomorrow’ people.

First, despite their best intentions, the moment life gets hard, work gets busy or family starts to pull in a thousand different directions, ‘tomorrow’, once again, becomes ‘tomorrow’ and they go for the chocolate, the missed workout, the late night.  Before they know it, they are re-promising ‘tomorrow’.

Alternatively, and maybe more dangerously, Friend A commits to ‘tomorrow’.  They eat healthy, exercise and, come summer, fit back into their speedo’s or bikini’s.  Unfortunately, post-summer they slip back into their old ways and next winter they are promising themselves, ‘tomorrow’ again.

‘Tomorrow’ is a dangerous word when used to refer to your health and lifestyle, maybe even a worse word than ‘Crossfit’.  Yet so many people still use it for everything.  It’s an excuse to productively procrastinate- it’s not that you won’t do it, you just won’t do it today.

The question is then, how do we avoid becoming a ‘tomorrow’ person?  One of those many who promise so much yet deliver so little?

Lists are good, concise and will prevent me from babbling boringly onwards so here are my top tips for avoiding the ‘tomorrow’ tragedy:


  • Steer clear of motivational meme’s- Facebook and the internet has been taken over my motivational meme’s, and these are dangerous.

“But motivation doesn’t come from pictures of hot chicks with generic quotes posted over them. That, my friends, is manipulation. It’s marketing; it’s “pay attention to me”  Todd Bumgardner.

  • Hold your self accountable.  I’ve recently stumbled across this app and think it could   work wonders for certain people.
  • Find a cause to work towards.  Whether it’s a 5km run or a 10km walk, it will provide a jumping off point.  Just make sure that during your prep you constantly remind yourself that, just because you completed your event, it isn’t time to stop training.
  • Hire a trainer.  Make sure it’s someone that knows what they are doing though.
  • Locate your TRUE motivation.  Fitting into a swim suit ISN’T motivation.  The feeling of dread and desperation you get when you don’t fit into it, that’s the true motivation.

“True motivation, only comes from something meaningful. It grows from something internal–a desire to change something for the better or accomplish something great. It comes from knowing someone genuinely believes in you.” Todd Bumgardner

  • Donate to a cause.  Everyday hero is a great website that allows you to set goals for yourself.  People are then able to donate to a charity you’ve elected.  It’s fat loss and fitness for a cause.

Whatever you choose to do, and however you choose to do it, make sure you never become a ‘tomorrow’ person.  And, if you are, don’t start ‘tomorrow’, set your goals, find your motivation, and start NOW.

Nobody ever said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

(Okay that’s from a motivational meme but I still like it.)

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