Sadistic Sadiv Sets

Some people are just cruel.

Have you ever experienced someone like that?  You haven’t done anything to them.  Maybe you haven’t even met them but still their cruel, sadistic tendencies make your soul weep and irrevocably change your life, sometimes for the better and other times, for the worse.

The fitness industry is filled with perverse and barbarous individuals who, I’m convinced, spend their time concocting new torturous methods of ‘exercising’ in their underground bat caves.

On Thursday I woke up in the morning (making it a good start to any day).  I pulled myself out of bed and noticed that my traps were tight.  Rolling my shoulders and locking out my knees I felt my lats reluctantly and painfully stretch out and my hamstrings twinge like a violin string.

Muscles I had forgotten I had were suddenly yawning to life.

I hated it and yet, this pain was self inflicted.

Rich Sadiv, a Strength Advisor working through Training for Warriors, hates people.  It’s the only reason I could think of for him devising a particularly painful high-volume training method for mass AND naming it after himself.

It’s similar to a super villain who appears on the Jumbo-tron before blowing up half the city.  They enjoy the pain their name brings.

Magnificent for adding increased volume into your workout, or simply torturing clients, ‘Sadiv sets’ are done in the following manner:

  • For deadlifts, use between 60% and 70% of your 1RM and crank out as many SINGLES as possible in 12 minutes.
  • For bench press, use the exact same protocol but for 10 minutes instead at 90% 1RM.

Remember, these are SINGLES.  After every rep, drop the weight, unfurl your hands from the bar, and walk away for a second.  Then charge back, show the wrought iron who’s boss and tear the bar from the ground, showing it who’s boss.

Afterwards is when you’ll cry to your momma, wishing for the days when you could move like the virile person you are instead of a geriatric.

Ideally, you would want to hit 20 deadlifts in 12 minutes or 10 bench presses in 10 minutes.

And then you collapse into a heap, spluttering and swearing my name for ever mentioning this to you.

‘Sadiv sets’ are an awesome protocol to use as a finisher to add in some extra volume and, as we all know, the more volume you lift, the bigger you get.  The bigger and stronger you get, the more likely you are to be ready come the impending zombie apocalypse.

Just make sure you have at least 48 hours between your ‘Sadiv sets’ and the zombie apocalypse; crippling DOMS isn’t that fun when you’re being chased by the the undead hordes.

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2 Responses to Sadistic Sadiv Sets

  1. Rich Sadiv says:

    Could have been worst. I could have you standing on a 100 pound plate when completing the set. Hey, wait a minute………….

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