Tiny Tidbits of Randomness

This week, I’ve got a few random pieces of information bouncing around inside my normally hollow skull.  Some relate to training, but most to nutrition.  Some you may already know, other’s could change the way you look at food, life and your training.

1. My kryptonite used to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Every day, when I got
home from work, I’d smash one down.  Despite wiping the crumbs of my human weakness from the corners of my mouth, I rationalised that, because it was on wholemeal bread, it was fine.
Until I learnt that there was a legal loophole that allowed Helga’s and Tip Top and everyone else to use white flour, with added caramel food colouring and put it on the supermarket shelves labelled as ‘wholemeal bread’ made with ‘wholemeal flour’.

2. Multivitamins are like a safety net riddled with holes.  A better alternative is a greens product, such as Vital Greens, which is more like a safety net made of Kevlar and endorsed by Batman, whose riding a unicorn that breaths fire.

3. Every night you fast for 6-10 hours, depending when your last meal was.  During breakfast you are, literally, breaking the fast.  But who actually said you needed to break the fast when you first wake up?  Your cortisol levels are highest between 7am and 9am.  Causing an insulin spike with vegetable covered, high fructose cereal plays havoc on your metabolism and helps pack on the visceral fat.

4. On that note, articles like this really annoy me for the following reasons:
i. the study was conducted by the Australian Breakfast Cereals  Manufactures, showing a clear bias,
ii.  due to the bias, they don’t recommend eggs (natures super food) for breakfast,
iii.  they do promote ‘protein boosted’ cereals which are normally covered in vegetable oil to prevent it from getting soggy,
iv.  they claim that ‘one third to one half a cup of oats and bran with a couple of teaspoons of yogurt and berries are the best choices’ for a high protein breakfast.  Not, you know, something logical like, um, eggs.
v.  their ‘expert’, Ms. Burrell, claims that delaying breakfast ruins your meal timing and destroys your metabolism.

5. Saturated fat is your friend.  I eat between 16-20 eggs a week, yolk and all, and it’s damned healthy for me.  And a much better breakfast than vegetable oil soaked cereal or muesli.

6. Back to meal timing, numerous studies have shown that meal timing is not important, debunking the idea that you need to eat 5-6 small meals a day, despite what fitness models and your polo wearing, 6-week certified, personal trainer says.

7. Are you a half-rat, half-human hybrid?  If you are, first thing I’d do is go and get checked out by the doctor or start fighting super heroes.  Second thing I’d do, is continue eating copious amounts of brown rice.

The husk on the brown rice contains phytate, which the human body is unable to break down during digestion.  This phytate also locks up all those nutrients tighter than a bodybuilders chicken legs in their skinny jeans.
Jasmine rice is a better option, especially for post-workout.  Despite the fact your personal trainer keeps telling you it’s a superfood…

8. Bacon wrapped honey mustard chicken fingers are awesome, and a great lunch filled with essential saturated fats and protein.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make them!

9. This chick ranks right up there with Gina Carano as “women who can kick my arse whilst still looking smoking hot.”

10. Humans are meant to eat meat.  For anybody that still doubts this and claims that we have gone against evolution in abiding by Mufasa’s ‘Circle of life’, check out this series of articles by Dr. Michael R. Eades

That’s all for now.  I’d love to hear what you think, especially about the brown rice, meal timing and saturated fats.  Do you still love them?  Hate them?  Why?

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