Eight Ways to Get Your Woman To Train With You

Women have a perception that they must be dainty, pale-faced bastions of femininity with waif like waists and the traits of a domestic goddess.

Thankfully, from these sheep like women, flocking like sheep to the latest super food from an ancient part of the world or the newest exercise craze (High Heels Aerobic classes anyone?), a few lions have emerged.

These are women who aren’t afraid to show the world that being able to squat your bodyweight, or deadlift double it, isn’t manly but rather helps to accentuate your curves.

These lions use chains, bands and weighted vests with pride and purpose.

You’ve been training for what seems like a lifetime, and now you want to get your woman fit.  You want to steer her away from the African Mango Super food diet and transform her into a lion.

But how do you do it?  Here are eight easy ways to help your woman realise her potential.

1. Listen to them.

Sure you may want to pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass, lose your neck and get swole.  However, your better half probably enjoys her neck and would rather become lean and toned.  Of course, still encourage them to lift heavy weights and run hills, but make sure you explain that lifting heavy is the best way to become bootylicious.

Simply shouting, “lightweight baby, it’s peanuts” over and over again when she’s concerned about lifting heavy probably won’t provide the right type of motivation.

2. Know what you are doing.

There is a young man who walks around the gym wearing a ‘Beast Mode ON’ t-shirt.  He squats using the Smith Machine whilst wearing a weight belt- all for a beastly 50 kilos.  The worst part though, is that he often instructs his girlfriend on how to ‘squat’.

Another guy was demonstrating how to deadlift.  His girlfriend was complaining of back pain and he replied with, “well you’re doing it right.  Just ignore it.”

If you don’t know what you are doing, and let’s face it, most people don’t, learn your stuff before you go ruining your spouses body as well with poor technique and too much weight.

3. Stop staring at her arse.

All of us guys know that squats do a booty good.  When women start up at the gym, they initially feel insecure about performing squats, deadlifts, good mornings and any other movement that may simulate something done in private (Hip Thrusts anyone?).

Unfortunately, you can pretty much guarantee that at least a handful of guys are checking out your woman as she squats more weight than them.  The last thing she needs is someone else making her feel insecure.

Instead, try complimenting her on her technique, her weight or even her choice of workout music.  When you get home, that’s when you give her a wink and nudge and compliment her on her more defined booty.

4. Don’t stare at other people’s arses.

You and I both know that a big, strong booty simply means a strong posterior chain but your woman may not be so forgiving.

You (hopefully) wouldn’t check out other women when you go out for dinner, to the movies or the park, and the gym should be no different.

Plus, it’s just creepy.

5. Remember that you are a team.

Sometimes it can be a pain in the arse.  Waiting for your woman, motivating them, mixing their protein shakes and listening to them complaining and begging you to let them go to a Pilates class instead can become tedious at best.

But, remember, when you get her going, training hard and lifting heavy, you become a team.  They are your ultimate training partner, the one that you live with and see everyday.  And, through getting her fit and healthy, from having a woman who is more energetic, fitter and happier, you also benefit.

Plus, I’ve hit some of my best PR’s with my wife watching.  After all, we all have that caveman part inside of us- the one that wants to show our woman that we are the dominant one in the iron room.

6. Don’t be useless around the house.

Unless you are in an old school ‘woman is at home, man is at work’ type relationship, I’ll assume your woman also works full-time.

For some reason, most men expect their woman to train with them, clean the house, work, cook, raise any possible children and know how to balance a credit card.

We don’t live in the dark ages anymore.  If you want your woman to train with you, then man up, learn how to cook, clean and share the household duties otherwise yes, she will be too busy/tired to max out on squats with you… no matter how loudly you scream ‘you got this brah’ at her.

7. If she has to train alone, make sure her program is accessible.

Some, not all, women are uncomfortable with entering the weights room.  They feel intimidated by the grunting Neanderthals bench pressing, curling and, well bench pressing.

We all know training legs is for suckers.

If you are writing a program for your misses, and she isn’t comfortable setting up a squat rack design a program for her that means she can linger in the dumbbell zone or even machine area when you aren’t there.

At least this means she’ll steer clear of the cardio room and group fitness area.

8. Explain why everything else is bullocks.

The caveat to this point is that you must first know what you are doing.  If you’ve ever told your woman that squatting heavy is bad for your knees you don’t deserve to have a woman.

It is imperative and important to explain to your woman why the Acai Super food diet doesn’t work, or why, despite what she saw on Facebook, overhead squatting on a kettle bell is a bad idea.

Not only will this help steer her clear of ridiculous trends perpetuated by the media but it could also motivate her listen to you more and train harder.

Informing her and educating her is a sure fire way to make sure that she sees the light and, unlike the other sheep, learns to roar like a lion.

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