Take out the silver spoon

NBA superstar and MVP Derrick Rose hasn’t had a good 2012-2013 season. During the first round of the playoff’s last year he tore his ACL against the Philadelphia 76ers in game one, and he hasn’t played a game since.

Now, he’s being ‘sued’ by an Illinois native by the name of Matthew Thompson; a 25 year old ‘man’ who claims that Rose not returning to the court this season caused him emotional distress, leading to obesity.

Mr. Thompson wrongfully believes that Rose owes him something; after all, isn’t it because Mr. Thompson tunes into every game to watch Rose blow by opponents that Rose even has a career?

Take out the silver spoon

Growing up I used to think that the world owed me something, that I was special, unique- I was destined for a letter to Hogwarts or a visit from Gandalf.

My parent’s would always tell me the parental ‘truths’, you know the ones: you’re so handsome, you’re so smart, you’re so good at (insert activity here) and, from these words, my predilection for greatness manifested.

My breakfast, lunch and dinner were gobbled down with a smile and a silver spoon.

Of course I’d need to work hard, but my steadfast belief that I was destined for greatness was ironclad. Whether an author, athlete, chef or superhero it didn’t matter, I’d succeed and be the best at it- it was my birth right.

Looking back now, my head is hung low with an admonishing gaze as I regard young Jonathan and his idealist notion that someone would reward his hard work and self-belief.

The terrible adult truth

Everybody worth anything works hard, but the Universe doesn’t reward people who work hard, it rewards people who get results.

And even then you might still be passed over.

There are no fiscal renumeration for eating grass fed beef, possessing cheese grater abs or losing twenty kilos. Nobody is going to pat you on the back and give you a cheque for hitting that new PB in the gym or even staying late at work to finish that report for Davis, the prick of a manager that’s five years younger than you and who stole your rightful promotion.

And that’s the terrible adult truth- nobody cares if you’re working hard or if you ‘deserve’ something.

Instead, we do it because we enjoy the struggle and seeing the results.  We no longer do it because we seek external validation and, even though it wouldn’t be gut-wrenchingly awful if someone came along and rewarded us for our hard work, we do it because we have to…

… because we’re adults.  A world loaded with meaning and responsibility yet a word that so few people actually understand.

Matthew Thompson thinks Derrick Rose owes him something because he’s a fan. He’s felt the elation, the depression and wiped the sticky perspiration from his furrowed brow during games, all in support of his beloved player.

And for all this ‘hard work’, he believes he’s owed something.

He isn’t though, and neither are you.

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