Does your life suck? Good.

The undeniable dirty little secret about life is that sometimes it just plain sucks.

As I type this, I’m staring down the barrel of a 13 hour day; the typical 8 hours culminating in an additional 5 hours of Parent-Teacher interviews.

Eventually, when 9pm finally hits my throat will be hoarse, my ears ringing with the sound of my own voice and my head throbbing from the frenetic pace and intensity of the night.

All I’ll want to do is sleep- or watch New Girl if it’s on because who doesn’t love watching the witty banter between Jess and Grumpy Cat himself, Nick?

But it could be worse.

At least at the end of the night I get to go home to a quite house- save for two hungry cats- and can mentally ‘switch off’.

There are no bills to pay, children to feed, work to be done and no 6am start the next day.  In fact, tomorrow’s a public holiday.

Certainly there are colleagues of mine who will go home to hungry children, dirty dishes and mounds of laundry.

Therefore, who am I to complain- it could always be worse.

And for those colleagues who do go home to dirty bedrooms, angry children or even a lonely place of forced solitude, at least they have a home to go back to.

Hell, at least they have a job and a house to live in.  Their food is purchased from supermarkets and they aren’t spinning inventive sides on Melbourne sidewalks, trying desperately to separate businessmen from their hard earned coin.

Sure, until we are six feet under life could always be worse but every time you use that expression another person joins the Crossfit cult.

Tear off the Band-Aid

I used to always hate having to remove Band-Aids.  Maybe it has something to do with me being a bit of a wuss, or maybe it’s because I’m hairier than some gorillas.

Either way, whenever it came time to tear off a Band-Aid my mom would tell me not to look and tear it off, hair, scab and all.

At the time it felt like I’d taken a Kamehameha to the injured limb but, shortly afterwards the pain would fade.

Every time some one says, “it could be worse” it’s them failing to rip of the bandage and acknowledge that maybe their life, or the predicament they are currently in, sucks.

It’s them living in a world were Kim Kardashian Sketcher shoes actually toned women’s posteriors world wide and Anakin, Luka and Leia sat down for a Father’s day luncheon.

It’s them failing to realise that without the hardships in our life, those times that downright suck, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good times and spur ourselves forwards unto greatness.

And even if you move from suckiness to suckiness, failing to deal and learn how to cope by simply saying, “well, it could be worse” will intensify every other negative thing that follows.

Does your life suck? Then accept it and move on.

Robert Frost said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve every learnt about life: it goes on.”

And that’s the truth.

No matter what happens in your life, unless you end up kicking the bucket and buying the farm in the sky, life will go on.

You’ll wake up the next day and have to deal with a whole host of other problem because life is pretty malevolent that way.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up tired, sore and headachy.  I won’t want to move from bed but I will; there are still chores for me to do and jobs to be done.  Yeah sure, tonight will be frenetic, intense and maybe sometimes painful but I won’t say “it could be worse”, I’ll simply deal with it, move on, and start a new day tomorrow.

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