Is your diet sabotaging your gains?

We spend $60 billion dollars a year on diet programs.

Weight Watchers shoves $1.75 billion dollars annually into its oversized, fat pockets.

Diets are used by people to overcome the guilt of that weekend when you doused your pancakes in syrup and slathered them in ice cream, to alleviate the guilt of having a choux pastry with your lunch and help you forget about the ten drinks you had at dinner.

Deadly Diets are Doing Damage.

When an individual uses the word ‘diet’ they are pre-destined to fail.  A diet implies that you are making a drastic overhaul to your diet in the manner of:

  • Omitting a food group,
  • Cutting out all food,
  • Adding a food group,
  • Swallowing a supplement or
  • ‘Discovering’ a new ‘super food’ for a period of 8-12 weeks.

Once the 8-12 week period lapses, the food group slithers back into the diet, or disappears all together, the super food becomes too expensive or you’ve found out that the ‘magical’ supplement just doesn’t work as advertised (shock horror!).

You’re happy though- you’ve lost a pants size and your stomach is less rotund (even if your bum is a little saggier).

Two weeks later though, the weight has come back on… and it’s brought a few extra poundages with it.

So you go on another diet.

Your body now hates you.

Every time you diet you lose approximately 60% fat and 40% muscle.

But then, as the weight slowly creeps back on, what you don’t realise is that you regain 100% fat.

The muscle has disappeared and you’ve ended up in a worse place than where you started.

So you start dieting again, and lose another 40% muscle in the process.

When people see me eat they are often amazed.  I have to eat dinner before I go out for dinner- otherwise I run the risk of needing to order two mains at the restaurant.

I’m expensive to feed and people don’t hesitate to remind me that, if I wasn’t exercising regularly, I’d probably end up on The Biggest Loser.

But I strength train, keep the majority of my carbs to post workout and try to eat low-carb on non-training days.

And if people followed these rules:

  • Eat predominantly Paleo if you aren’t exercising,
  • Eat starchy carbs (white rice, sweet/white potato) post-workout,
  • Stay away from vegetable oils; they convert to trans-fats when heated,
  • Watch the fats- even monounsaturated fats are calorie dense,
  • Ditch processed sugar as it dumps insulin into the bloodstream, masking fullness,
  • Fructose can hamper weight loss- restrict fruit intake to a maximum of 1-2 pieces a day,
  • Eat 40g of fibre a day, and
  • Devour vegetables at every chance you get.

Then you’ll never need to diet again.

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2 Responses to Is your diet sabotaging your gains?

  1. Mark says:

    What do you suggest as the best source for the 40g fibre?

    • jonoprecel says:

      Hey Mark,

      Well, you can get 25g of fibre from a cup of rice and 86g of fibre for 100g bran. A half cup of oatmeal will give you 4g of fibre and there is more in fruits and vegetables.

      My biggest piece of advice is to spend a bit of time keeping a food journal, then do a bit of Google research to see where your fibre intake is at. Be careful though, too much fibre in your diet (~60g) can lead to constipation.

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