Are you also jealous of Leo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio was only good for one thing- dying a painful on screen death.

Growing up, I remember watching as girls swooned over his feathery blonde hair, deep eyes and tortured movie roles.

They’d tear his photo out of TV Hits magazines and paste them over their wall, right next to their posters of Hanson.

New movies starring the prodigal teen caused hysteria leading to hospitalisation amongst teenage girls; in fact, I seem to remember that there was a name for it, Dicaprioitis.

And then there was me, still struggling with acne and desperately attempting to come into my own.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as any surprise why I cheered after every on-screen death.

Why did I REALLY hate Leo?

Finally, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ came out in 2002; Leonardo was attempting to break free of heartthrob status and become a legitimate actor.

(I never saw Titanic, still haven’t, but I have seen his death at least a hundred times.)

Expecting to hate it on the premise of its star actor, I was shocked to realise that, despite my own prejudices, Leonardo DiCaprio was a surprisingly gifted actor.

So what had changed in the short four of five years?

At the time I was finishing Year 10.  For the first time I was in a serious relationship (re: more than a few weeks), playing on the Year 10A Basketball team and generally enjoying life.

Leonardo had not changed; women still fell at his feet and plastered their walls with his likeness, but it was me that changed.

For the first time, I wasn’t jealous of the attention, popularity, success and women that Leonardo had.

Jealousy is a sign of stagnation

Everybody gets jealous sometimes.

Driving home after watching the first ‘Transformers’ movie, my car’s lack of transforming ability left a hollow pit a despair churning inside of me.

We can take this at face value, transforming cars are awesome and everyone wants one, or we can probe a little deeper, I had hit a point in my life where I felt as if I wasn’t making any forward progress… and here was Sam Witwicky taking Megan Fox home in a transforming Camaro.

You may be jealous because Mark from Accounting got that promotion that you KNOW you deserve and now, while he’s sitting in his new corner office, ‘delegating’ you work you can’t help but sneer and bicker about him behind his back.

Dip deeper though and you’ll find that you aren’t jealous of Mark for getting the job, you’re jealous of Mark because you DIDN’T get the job.

You’re stuck in the same place you were yesterday.

We don’t always get what we work for whilst others get what they don’t deserve, that’s the sad reality of life.

But, when your life becomes stagnant and stale is when you begin to detest others for what they have.

I may never have a transforming car, and neither will buxom supermodels ever stroll in and out of my penthouse hotel room, but I’m not jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio anymore.

My life is constantly progressing, and I’m too concerned with what I’m doing to make my life better to worry about what Leonardo has.

And, if you focused more on yourself and how to make your life better, and less on what others have, you’ll find that you’ll no longer be jealous of Mark from Accounting for stealing your promotion.

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