Will You Ever Be Happy?

Hardcoded somewhere deep in our DNA is a need for more.

Despite all the wealth, women, houses, clothes, and possessions that we may accumulate in our lifetime we will never be happy.

There will always be someone who has more- and we will always want what he or she has.

If the day comes when we sit on the Iron Throne, surveying our realm with tired eyes, we’ll watch as a peasant walks by with their child, laughing despite their poverty… and all we’ll want is that.

We shall want until we die

Modern technology has opened our eyes to a world of gadgets we must have, women we must bed, ways we must renovate our houses and, with a click of a mouse, we can order a new wardrobe…

… even if it isn’t wholly necessary.

As a society we have lost sight of what we need and instead, we have become obsessed with what we want.

The lines of want and need have been blurred by our tinted Roberto Cavalli sunglasses.

At the moment my wife and I are debating whether to save for a trip to America next year, or renovate the kitchen.

We would like to do both, and that’s why we buy lottery tickets when the cash jackpots roll up into the tens of millions- because then we can afford the life we’d like.

The overseas holidays, the expensive house with a marble kitchen, the Mercedes SLK would all be ours and then we’d be happy.

Except for the fact that we wouldn’t.

Want brings want.

Chuck Palahniuk said, in Lullaby, “Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now?”

From Facebook pages like Boss Hunter to watching Red Carpet celebrity events, we see things that we want.

People that are ‘better’ than us flaunt their wealth, possessions and beauty on our 45’ LED televisions.

We sit in our homes, after a long days work and think that there must be something better.  As a shallow depression seeps in we begin to realise that, for the rest of our days, we shall simply turn our gears, day by day, never having the things we truly ‘want’…

… and all the while forgetting about the great things we have.

The home.
The job.
The family.
The full fridge.

The healthy body.

And we forget about the people who would look at us like the fortunate ones.

Over the course of the next year, my wife and I will go back and forth, trying to decide whether to take the trip, or knock down the kitchen.

Regardless of what one we choose the nature of the beast is that the moment we renovate the kitchen, or land in America, we’ll want something else.

And that’s the conundrum of want.  Want breed’s want, and the more we want, the more dissatisfied we are with what we have.

Unless we learn to live in the now, and be thankful for the things we do have, instead of envious of the things we don’t have.

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