Tracy Anderson’s New Infomercial

You’ve read those Men’s magazines, tried the workouts and experimented with the recipes but at the end of the day, the pot of meat and veg bubbling over on the stove and your muscles sore, you’ve decided that it just isn’t for you.

There’s nothing worse than growing big, bulky, unsightly muscles that force you to tailor every single piece of clothing that you buy.

And the eating! Nobody can be bothered eating that much- chicken and broccoli diets are just so 20th century.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you women. We all know that exercising will make you big and bulky; there are even stories of women growing Adams apples as they APPROACH the Squat rack.

You, however, want to be so slim that when you turn sideways, you disappear, along with your womanly curves, so that you can fit into your thirteen-year-old daughter’s clothes!

If any of this sounds like you, and I bet you it does, then do I have the workout for you!

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