Is this the dumbest person on YouTube- Freelee the Banana Girl

There are two types of people in the fitness industry.

Type one have dollar signs in their eyes, often at the expense of their clients wallets. These are the ones that do not have the publics best intentions at heart, instead opting for shaky science and flimsy logic to put a quick buck in their own pockets.

Tracy Anderson is one such example.

She continues to make ludicrous claims to the media that are single handedly setting the fitness industry back decades, choosing to ignore every advancement in exercise science and nutrition, in the pursuit of charging $900 a session.

Then we have the Type Two trainers. These one are the ones that lost a great deal of weight by cutting out sugar, eating 6 small meals a day, taking Shredz or going vegan/vegetarian. Whilst misguided, and possibly dangerous, still setting the fitness industry back years, they have their clients best interests at heart, yet still choose to believe things on bad or nonexistent evidence in an effort to be ahead of the fitness game.

Nobody wants to hear that they can lose weight eating 3 meals a day- that’s boring.

Freelee, the Banana Girl, has just over 25,000 likes on Facebook, 69,500 followers on Instagram and 3,288 Twitter followers.

And yet, she is doing irreparable damage to the industry by providing misinformation and inane claims that are not backed, in any way, by science.

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2 Responses to Is this the dumbest person on YouTube- Freelee the Banana Girl

  1. i gotta check out this out…. i smell…. a possible review on my part… MUAH HAHAHA!!!!

  2. btw, you did a good job dissecting here video. very awesome. definitely another internet “guru” doing her followers a disservice.

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