5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article

5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article

Over the past few weeks, Crossfit has been thrust back into the social spotlight with some, including myself, calling it out as an irresponsible exercise methodology, and others using it as a call to arms, rallying around their beloved regime.

Since Greg Glassman first conceptualised Crossfit in 2000, bringing Olympic lifting, gymnastic moves and mobility work to the masses in a high paced, frenetic fashion, it has been plagued with controversy.

In 2001, Glassman claimed that periodisation, a method used effectively by thousands of people for decades before, was a hoax.

Two years later, in 2003, Glassman infamously stated that Crossfit would allow an individual to go from deadlifting 200 pounds to between 500-700 pounds in two years, despite only pulling for maxes 3 times a year.

Despite all this though, Crossfit has boomed and now has over 7000 affiliates, mostly within the United States, and thousands of loyal followers that will immediately rally to the cause when their workouts are called into poor repute.

But there are still a myriad of problems with the core system, and the growing understanding of these flaws may explain why so many affiliate gyms are moving away from the core programming outlined by the Crossfit.com site.

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