Still Think The Contestants Are The Biggest Loser?

It hasn’t been long since it’s graced our screens but The Biggest Loser is back.

That’s right; the show that brought fat-shaming into the public domain, then went a step further in fat-shaming children, has now decided to honour Ararat with the title of ‘the fattest town in Australia’.

Good luck living down that moniker citizens of Ararat.

See, in 2010 Jamie Oliver did something similar as he headed off to Huntington, West Virginia, USA and attempted to bring them back from the precipice of a deep-fried armageddon.

He wept on national television when the residents spurned his broccoli croquets and, just like a teenager when their mother finds the porn stash, complained that nobody understood him!

In the end though, he did manage to, with the help of reluctant-turned-plucky school cook Alice, change the school canteen lunch programs, open up a kitchen where residents were are able to learn how to cook, for free, using fresh and seasonal produce, and institute a ‘pay it forward’ attitude towards learning how to cook.

Hell, he booked out a football stadium and taught people how to cook prosciutto wrapped chicken cutlets.

How awesome is that?!

And then we have The Biggest Loser…

To read the rest of the article, head over to: Still Think The Contestants Are The Biggest Loser?

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