How To Experience Happiness and Smash PBs

“Just please, take it easy tonight,” Sara implored over the phone as she sat poolside, basking in the warm Melbourne sun.
“Yep, don’t worry. Of course I will.”

Normally I listen to my wife with attentive ears and a furrowed brow, as if every syllable was a precious commodity that would quickly dissipate. It was my job to preserve each word for future generations; to capture the wisdom.

This time though, I was in the middle of flicking off my work shoes, unbuttoning my shirt and slipping into my workout clothes (a bright orange singlet and a pair of blue shorts- no wonder she hates it when I dress myself).

Outside it was 40 degrees celsius, or 104 degrees fahrenheit, and the wilting plants begged for water as sweat started to bead on my brow the moment I stepped outside.

Twenty minutes later, I stood in front of a loaded barbell.

On it, was 240 kilograms (530 pounds). My previous personal best was 230 kilograms.

Clearly I wasn’t paying attention to my wife when she told me to take it easy.

To read more: How To Experience Happiness and Smash PBs.

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