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The New Gym Rules

For anyone, walking into a new gym is as intimidating as being told by an ageing wizard that you need to destroy a magical ring while an army of invisible goth-men nefariously stalk you down. But at least Frodo had Sam … Continue reading

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Dave Asprey- A 21st Century Snake Oil Salesman

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof coffee and the enigmatic biohacker who lost 45 kilograms without restricting calories or exercising, “learned about the power or butter at 18,000 feet elevation near Mt. Kailash in Tibet”, when he “staggered into a guest … Continue reading

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How To Experience Happiness and Smash PBs

“Just please, take it easy tonight,” Sara implored over the phone as she sat poolside, basking in the warm Melbourne sun. “Yep, don’t worry. Of course I will.” Normally I listen to my wife with attentive ears and a furrowed … Continue reading

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Still Think The Contestants Are The Biggest Loser?

It hasn’t been long since it’s graced our screens but The Biggest Loser is back. That’s right; the show that brought fat-shaming into the public domain, then went a step further in fat-shaming children, has now decided to honour Ararat … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article

5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article Over the past few weeks, Crossfit has been thrust back into the social spotlight with some, including myself, calling it out as an irresponsible exercise methodology, and others using … Continue reading

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10 Things The Instagram Athlete Has To Stop Doing

We’ve all seen them. Their abs, booties and cleavage make us squirm in our skin when our Grandma asks us what Instagram is, and then pleads with us to see ours, yet we still ‘follow’ and ‘like’ them because they provide us … Continue reading

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Is this the dumbest person on YouTube- Freelee the Banana Girl

There are two types of people in the fitness industry. Type one have dollar signs in their eyes, often at the expense of their clients wallets. These are the ones that do not have the publics best intentions at heart, … Continue reading

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