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5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article

5 Ways To Improve Crossfit- A Reaction To My Last Article Over the past few weeks, Crossfit has been thrust back into the social spotlight with some, including myself, calling it out as an irresponsible exercise methodology, and others using … Continue reading

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Since when was ‘pain’ an acceptable outcome in the fitness (Crossfit) industry

You aren’t ‘going to war’, or entering ‘beast mode’. You don’t need to ‘suck it up now’, you can eat junk food every now and then, if people are calling you obsessed then you may just be and if ‘you’re … Continue reading

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The Conversation That Has To Be Had About Crossfit

For years, the wider fitness industry has warned people of the dangers of Crossfit, and now an injury nobody would wish on anyone has occurred. Kevin Ogar, a Crossfit trainer in Englewood, Colorado, was performing a 3 Rep Max Snatch … Continue reading

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10 More Rules for Gym Goers

After the popularity of the last list, I couldn’t help but add another 10 ways you can get the best out of your gym experience. Really, this is a great public service I’m providing. Someone should give me a medal, … Continue reading

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My Brain Dump Pt 1

The problem with this word we live in is that, with the influx of information at the tip of our fingers, we can learn about anything from what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast to the ‘best’ diet for ‘optimal’ health. … Continue reading

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Toy Training

When I was in Year 7 I knew all the tricks. Thanks to a post-nasal drip, I could cough up a lung on demand, my temperature was always high thanks to my bedside lamp and, once or twice, I’d made … Continue reading

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Crossfit is not just a fad (but it needs to go the way of the Dodo)

The definition of a fad is a behaviour or movement that gains enthusiastic and rapid popularity among the masses due to its novel nature.  Once the novelty of the behaviour or movement wears off, the fad quickly dies. When I … Continue reading

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