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Surprisingly enough, building an awesome booty (for a guy or a girl) has very little to do with squats… FITSPO LIED!

Sara and I sat in a dark park, basked in the street lamps gloom, enveloped by the unseasonably cold November night. We have a tradition that, like many other traditions, came about through repetition. Every Tuesday night for the past … Continue reading

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10 More Rules for Gym Goers

After the popularity of the last list, I couldn’t help but add another 10 ways you can get the best out of your gym experience. Really, this is a great public service I’m providing. Someone should give me a medal, … Continue reading

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My Brain Dump Pt 3

And thus we have come to the last instalment of the veritable, nearly incomprehensible, slop that occupies and inhabits my mind. So, without any delay: Being ‘hard-core’ isn’t skipping family or friend commitments because you need to go to gym; it’s fitting … Continue reading

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Toy Training

When I was in Year 7 I knew all the tricks. Thanks to a post-nasal drip, I could cough up a lung on demand, my temperature was always high thanks to my bedside lamp and, once or twice, I’d made … Continue reading

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Awesome exercises nobody does- bottom up squats

Squats do a booty good.  It’s true.  Did you really think that you could get those ‘lovely lady humps’ and make all the boys ask, ‘what you gonna do with all that junk in your trunk’ from walking, or doing … Continue reading

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